Jeff Davis statue in Ky Capitol stirs debate

While debate in South Carolina draws attention to the Confederate battle flag, Kentuckians are discussing their own prominent symbol of the Confederate past: the statue of Jefferson Davis towering in the state Capitol's Rotunda.

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Louisville courier-journal | June 24, 2015

The Bard's Town to host Harry Potter roast

In a dark corner backstage, the creature Gollum awaited his cue before leaping out toward an unsuspecting Frodo Baggins, who was standing comfortably behind a podium.

"Frodo, look out!," Gandalf shouted.

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Louisville courier-journal | June 4, 2015

10 same sex couples in Vanderburgh County apply for marriage

EVANSVILLE - Michael Schaefer — one half of the first same-sex couple to get a marriage license in Vanderburgh County — said he was in tears when he heard that an Evansville-based federal judge had struck down the state's ban on gay marriage. "I didn't even get showered, cleaned up or anything, I just said ‘Hurry up, get dressed and run,'" the 36-year-old Schaefer said.

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evansville courier & press | june 25, 2014

Eight Corvettes lost in sinkhole

At 5:44 a.m. on Wednesday morning, officials from the National Corvette Museum received calls that a natural disaster had struck.

A sinkhole that measured 40 feet wide and 25-30 feet deep tore through the Skydome, swallowing eight of the museum’s prized automobiles. No one was injured during the collapse.

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wku herald | february 12, 2014

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