Oscar de la Renta

As a way to celebrate the man behind so many iconic looks and gowns, here are a few of my favorite de la Renta moments, in no particular order:

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2014 Met Gala

photo: ACE

photo: ACE

SJP was an early arrival to this year's Gala in this beautiful, Charles James inspired de la Renta creation. Now, I know this dress was controversial amongst the critics of this night, but I loved it. And I loved the tribute to the designer, stitched in large red letters on the train. There was so much Oscar on this red carpet, and this was one of my favorites.

Amy Adams at the 2013 Oscars

photo: sheknows

photo: sheknows

Amy Adams looked like she waltzed straight out of Cinderella's castle in this gorgeous gown for last year's Oscars. Oscar at the Oscars. Bad jokes aside, I love this gown. It's a gown that makes a girl dream,(or guy, cause hey, guys can rock it too.


Carrie Underwood at the 2012 Billboard Awards

photo: WENN

photo: WENN

Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City tutu and years of ballet started my love of tulle at an early age. Carrie Underwood's Oscar gown in 2012 made me realize I don't have to leave a love of tulle behind after I leave my twenties. I may not be a big country music fan (read: I loathe it), but I am a big fan of this gown.


Tina Fey at the 2011 SAG Awards

photo: InStyle

photo: InStyle

I love seeing a good red dress, mainly because it's a color I'm always scared to wear and prefer to admire from afar. My red insecurities aside, Tina looks absolutely stunning in this and empowers brunettes everywhere to embrace comedy, feminism and the color red.  


Anne Hathaway at the 2009 Tony Awards

photo: Elle

photo: Elle

I love a chic, different interpretation of the classic LBD, and that's exactly what this is. The skirt of this dress gives it a unique texture and pattern that's fantastic. And Anne Hathaway is wearing it, aka my celeb role model since she was Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi in the Princess Diaries. I'm still obsessed with her transformation scene.


Devil Wears Prada: Cerulean

Speaking of Anne Hathaway... okay, so this isn't really a clothing "moment", but this is one of the most iconic scenes in one of the best fashion movies that's come out in the last decade. And Oscar gets a shout out for a cerulean ball gown collection. 



Best Fashion Moments of Emmy Nominated Shows

Like the immortal NBC Page straight from Kentucky Mountain Bible College so wisely put it,

For all you fellow TV lovers, Netflix bingers and small screen-ophiles (okay I'm done with the bad nicknames), we've reached the preliminary rounds for one of the biggest nights for our beloved shows: the Emmy nominations. While we were all cheering over our favorite nominations, screaming over the harsh snubs (hello academy, Mindy Kaling?) and speculating over just who would take home the gold, another burgeoning thought came to my mind: what and who will they be wearing? Red carpet fashion is just around the corner. Celebrities are just that much closer to donning couture and making us fashion fiends drool with envy.

But while we wait to see who wears Dior, Armani or Chanel... why not look back at some of the best fashion moments of some of the nominees?


I love Girls. Repeat. LOVE. GIRLS. My friends and I are obsessed. Every Sunday, we crowd around laptops and watch the events of the girls and their respective (probably insane) guys unfold. Lena Dunham is the voice of my generation... or maybe a voice of a generation. This comedy-drama HBO series, which follows the lives of a group of 20-somethings, was nominated in two categories: best actress in a comedy series (Lena Dunham) and best supporting actor in a comedy series (Adam Driver).

This show, set in modern day Brooklyn and Manhattan, has the advantage of being set in a time where clothing and hair styles are adaptable from the small screen and able to be a reflection of what you'd see on the streets in Williamsburg. It doesn't have to work around the medieval fashions of Game of Thrones, or the static fashions of Orange is the New Black (It's either khaki or orange, ladies). The show has had it's fair share of fashion moments, ranging from Jessa's see through maxi dress and Shoshanna's odd little buns, pinned sideways on her head.

This season didn't disappoint. Here are some of my favorite fashion moments from Season Three:



Veep, another HBO series, stars the hysterical Julia Louis-Dreyfus as foul-mouthed female vice president Selina Meyer. I have loved JLD since her Seinfeld days as the granny dress rocking, dancing queen Elaine Benes, so when a friend turned me onto Veep, I knew it would be great. The last season was entirely focused on the team trying to get Selina Meyer elected President and entirely focused on the same hilarious quips and insults of last season. Seriously, I wish more people watched the show just to enjoy the laundry list of names given to Jonah. This show is vastly underrated by the general public, but clearly the Emmy's aren't deaf to it's hilarious one liners.

This being a show set in the professional political world, it has less casual freedoms than Girls, but that didn't stop Selina from rocking some great blazers, squeaky Louboutins and accidentally matching her daughter. Here are some of the best moments from last season:

The show was nominated for best comedy series, outstanding sound mixing, outstanding casting and best writing for a comedy series. Julia snagged a nomination for best actress. Anna Chlumsky snagged a best supporting actress nom, Gary Cole for outstanding guest actor and Tony Hale was nominated for best supporting actor, all in a comedy series.

Game of Thrones:

Press play and join me on a journey through Westeros and across the Narrow Sea as we explore the fashions that killed us in a season that made us all swear George RR Martin's name. As any good GoT fan knows, never get safe with characters, story lines... anything. Don't even trust the blades of grass they walk on because somehow, someway George will find a way to kill everyone you love like a literary Rambo. Except with more blood, some incest and probably poison. The season had me on the edge of my seat in more ways than one. The twists and turns made me chew my nails off, while the intricate gowns had me longing for a reason to wear the medieval and Grecian styles featured in the show. I had to limit myself from putting everything in the slide show, but here are some of my favorite Game of Thrones looks *spoilers not included* **click the images for a bigger picture**

The show was nominated for best drama series. Peter Dinklage was nominated for best supporting actor, Lena Headey for best supporting actress and Diana Rigg snagged outstanding guest actress nom for her role as the sassy Lady Olenna Tyrell.

Think another show deserves to be on the list? Leave the name in the comments and I'll add it!

ohmygod shoes

Couture week is treating us to extensive, fabulous Instagram feeds from the front row, long feature recaps on The Cut and several teasing previews of Alexander Wang x H&M. But what's been most important to me this week hasn't been the flowing dresses, the long jackets, the wedding dresses... it's been the shoes. I'm obsessed, and curious to see how these new shoe trends will trickle down to my price range.


Photos: Getty Images

Photos: Getty Images

Last spring, it was couture sneakers adorning models in flowing and shifting white gowns, with glittered eyeliner winging from their focused eyes. This week, it's sandals. It seems Karl Lagerfeld has a different idea on shoes than famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who was quoted saying that there will never be a heel high enough, and that shoes (heels especially) are a pleasure with pain. Karl is adding comfort to couture in these flat, chic slides and flip flops. I love a simple spin on extravagant clothing. And I love flip flops.


Photos: Getty Images (gif)/Jacques Habbah (stills)

Photos: Getty Images (gif)/Jacques Habbah (stills)

This entire show was intoxicatingly beautiful, with softer colored gowns being paired with vibrant, interestingly cut heels. The orchids were a nice touch, too. I have no idea how or where I would ever wear some of these shoes, but I'm drooling over them all the same. The point of the toe and the curve of the heel make them unique to this show and the bright colors add a little whimsy to the more muted, yet still fabulous color scheme.

I can't wait to see what other shoes and accessories start exciting new trends this week.

So, let's get some shoes. And see what other styles walk the runways this week.

online browsing

While waiting for assignments and phone calls, I've had a considerable amount of time to spend on the internet. This, paired with my slowly recovering bank account and love of new summer clothes, has become almost deadly. Hours have been spent browsing store after store, adding new shorts, sandals and shirts to wish lists. In my own little head, I imagine they sit there like the aliens in the claw machine in Toy Story, waiting for my next payday to free them to arrive on my doorstep. Needless to say, I've formed quite a bad habit, quite extensive wish lists and quite the material imagination.

One product, however, has really caught my eye. While cruising for a potential new purse, I found this beauty of a shopper bag in Zara's online stock. 

Photo:  Zara

Photo: Zara

Photo:  Zara

Photo: Zara

This fun, summery white bag is everything I never knew I wanted. The perforated look gives it the retro feel I was searching for and the color makes it different from any other bag I've owned. As basic of a color as it is, white anything is always adventurous to someone known for accidentally spilling coffee or having pens burst in the dark crevices of my purses. Call it a journalist's curse.

Either way, this bag just jumped to the top of my list. I can't wait to tote it to work, the pool and the lake this summer. The bag costs a pretty penny for a college kid, sitting at a cool $79. But shipping and returns are free, and the use of the bag will outweigh the price in the long run. 





Fashion movies for the fanatic's soul

One of the best, most blissful parts of summer is getting to spend your rainy days in bed, curled up with either a good book, a few good movies or, like last weekend, 13 new episodes of "Orange is the New Black."

Those hours you spent debating on whether class was really that crucial or not have turned into hours spent debating on whether moving from the couch is really that crucial. And if it's a gloomy, rainy day like both of my days off were, you're probably going to decide it's not. 

This list, inspired by BuzzFeed and fashion throughout the decades, is for those days. Those days when you've decided your pajamas are as glamorous as you're going to get, but still need to feed the fashion fiend in your soul. Oh, and for the days when you've already marathoned 13 episodes of "OITNB" in a blaze of sleep deprived glory.

These fashionable movies could make you laugh, could make you cry and will make you want to reach for your laptop and do some online shopping. 

1. Every Audrey Hepburn movie ever. Period. 

Hepburn in "Roman Holiday" Photo: IMDb

Hepburn in "Roman Holiday"
Photo: IMDb

You might as well spend a whole day just watching all 31 movies Hepburn made in her lifetime. Every movie I've seen, from "Charades" to "Breakfast at Tiffany's," has been dripping with glamour, Givenchy and her effortless grace.  Hepburn was truly a jewel in American cinema. Even when playing the chauffeur's daughter in Sabrina, she did it with more elegance than I can ever dream of having.

Any of her movies will make you want to throw on your best dress, chop off your hair into a cute boy cut (or swoop it all on top like Holly Golightly) and eat croissants outside of a jewelry store (assuming there's not a Tiffany's near you). 

2. Devil Wears Prada

Okay, this may be a cop out, but any time I want to feel inspired and faux-immersed in the buzzing fashion world, I pop this in. From Stanley Tucci's loveable, sassy and unforgettable Nigel, to Meryl Streep's infamous, ice cold Miranda Priestly, this movie is, in a word, fabulous. The premise, if you still haven't heard, is about Andrea Sachs, an aspiring journalist in a frumpy cerulean blue cable knit sweater and her grandmother's skirt. She lands a job as fashion assistant to the editor in chief of the biggest fashion magazine in this fictional world, Runway, and it goes from there. 

I might have every word memorized, and every outfit, from this movie. A million girls would kill for Andy Sachs job, and I'm definitely one of them. Sure, it's a book-to-movie adaptation of one former assistant's not so subtle jabs at Anna Wintour, but it's just so good.

 3. September Issue

This documentary paints Vogue in a different light than "Devil Wears Prada," but it still packs in the thrill, adrenaline and style that goes into producing and running a successful fashion magazine. Excuse me, the most successful fashion magazine. 

Camera crews followed around editors, stylists and directors from Vogue as they put together the September issue of the magazine. For anyone who knows Vogue, the September issue is the biggest issue of the magazine every year. It's full of fall fashion ads, stories and, well, more ads. Last year's September alone, featuring actress Jennifer Lawrence as the cover story, was 655 pages of ads. 

The documentary is a great peak into the inner workings of a magazine a million girls (and guys) dream of writing, editing or styling for some day. The movie also brought fame to creative director Grace Coddington. Her fiery red hair and love of cats was not so easily missed by the camera crew, launching her back into the spotlight a little. 

4. Bill Cunningham New York

Photo: Fashion Reverie 

Photo: Fashion Reverie 

This documentary, still available on Netflix, tells the story of Bill Cunningham, the New York Time's prized fashion possession. The photographer, now 85, is considered one of the fathers of street style photography. He's made a career out of photographing stylish people in New York, and sometimes Paris, and spotting trends for his "On the Street" column. He also photographs select charity and gala events for his "Evening Hours" column. His documentary tells his story and paints a heart warming picture of the man behind the camera. After watching this, you will want to fly to New York, walk down 5th Ave in your fanciest duds and search for the little old man in the bright blue jacket.

Seriously, is there any fashion photog more adorable than Bill? I toured the Times in the spring and almost got a little teary with excitement thinking he might be there.* He wasn't, but I did meet the producer of his "On the Street" videos. Speaking of, if you watch the documentary and love it, his "On the Street" videos are just as great. A selection of his photos fly across the screen as he improvises a narrative for each slide before you. The video I embedded is more evening than street, but it's one of my recent favorites.

*I have a tendency to get really, really excited about things, like meeting people I highly admire and watching Doctor Who.

5. Coco before Chanel

Photo: IMDb

Photo: IMDb

I managed to stumble upon this beauty of a film the other day. It depicts the early life of legendary designer Coco Chanel, founder of the French fashion label Chanel. Audrey Tautou, known also for her performance in "Amélie," plays a young Gabrielle Chanel, searching for her place in French society and climbing the designing ladder. It's fascinating to see such a famous designer's rise from her orphan home beginnings to unbelievable fashion heights. It's funny, it's sad and it will make you long for French cities and countrysides you've never actually been to or seen.  

6. The Return

Photo: Fashion Telegraph

Photo: Fashion Telegraph

Okay so it's not a full length movie, but this short film, directed by Karl Lagerfeld, is still fantastic. It depicts an older Coco, after the war and all her controversies associated with it. Lagerfeld uses his eye and artistic abilities to tell the story of how the designer of the 1920s staged the comeback of the decade in the '50s. 

Lagerfeld is the current cat-loving creative director of Chanel, along with his own namesake brand and Fendi. So needless to say, with my shared love of cats, Chanel, Fendi's baguette bag and Choupette beanies, I fan-girled to see a favorite designer direct a movie about one of the most legendary females in fashion. It was beautifully shot, well acted and, best of all, Lagerfeld directing it meant lots of vintage Chanel costumes, a privilege not always warranted to fashion films. Lagerfeld, however, holds the keys to the Chanel Kingdom. Decades of Chanel clothing are available and ready at his fingerless-gloved hands. 

This movie is available on Vimeo for your viewing pleasure.

7. Rear Window

Photo: IMDb

Photo: IMDb

This Alfred Hitchcock classic starring Grace Kelly and James Stewart tells the story of an injured photographer (Stewart) who spies on his neighbors and begins to suspect one of murder. Now, Stewart is confined to a wheelchair in the film and wears little else than his light blue pajamas. But Kelly is the essence of 50s elegance and class. Her perfectly coifed and curled hair and enviable closet of stunning gowns are spectacular. It's old Hollywood glamour at its finest and makes me wish full tulle skirts and pearls were still a daily staple in this decade.

The movie itself is captivating. I had never seen a Hitchcock movie before this, but after watching I feel as though it was a good one to start with. It's themes have been repeated in films and television shows for years since it's 1954 release, and it's scenes have been replicated in fashion spreads everywhere. 

8. "Aristocats"

Photo: Disney

Photo: Disney

Now now now, before you start shaking your head at me for putting a cartoon about cats on this list, hear me out. This movie is set in one of the most fashionable countries in the world: France. AND part of it takes place in the most fashionable city in the world: Paris. These fine felines are trotting around in the glamour, the jazz, the fashion of Paris. Considering the movie is set somewhere closer to the 1920s or earlier, the fashion is a little dated for this day and age. However, there's glamour in Madame's French Villa, in her long dresses and feather boas, and in her well accessorized cats. It's a classic. Plus, doesn't everybody want to be a cat?

Runner Up:

McQueen and I

This documentary, while something that made me both laugh and cry, didn't quite make my top eight. It does very well in telling the story of McQueen's life, from fashion beginnings to his untimely suicide. Production value, however, just doesn't meet the levels of the top eight. It was filmed in 2011, but it looks a little more early 2000s. Now this did NOT stop me from tearing up when it began to touch on his suicide. McQueen was a visionary, adventurous designer. His runway shows blew me away and reminded me why I loved fashion so much. If you love the designer, I still highly recommend watching it. The film is available in its entirety on YouTube. 

Why have flower crowns when you can have mouse ears?

Hold on to your ears and bows, fellow Minnie Mouse fans. Nylon has just reported that ASOS and Disney are teaming up to release mouse ear headbands inspired by our childhood fashion queen. 

These headbands are fun, summery and bring out the Disney fan in all of us. Well, the Disney fan in me is pretty prominently on display already, but I digress. There's fun, patterned and sparkling ears, with flowers where the ears should be and sequins instead of the classic felt. And, for the classic, tried and true Minnie or Mickey Mouse look, there's also the standard black ears and black ears with a sequined red bow.

In my book, and my bank account, I'm declaring this the summer of mouse ears. Sorry, flower crowns. 

See a full gallery below and shop the collection here:

Photos: ASOS


~forewarning: this is not about fashion~

Amidst fighting the maze of moving boxes, finding odd things I thought I lost and lugging box after box up and down stairs, I haven't had time to update, or really consider what to wear other than my trusty high waisted shorts and a tank top. However, I have had time to keep up with the recent hashtag trend #YesAllWomen.

After Elliot Rodgers penned a manifesto of misogyny, killing six based on his hatred for women and rejection, women had enough. We had enough. Enough being told we can't show our shoulders in school, while men aren't told to just ignore a harmless shoulder. Enough being called a bitch for not being interested. In true 2014 form, we took to social media. Tumblr and Twitter blew up with posts and tweets supporting women and calling out the misogynistic ways. #YesAllWomen trended and some powerful tweets came in. It's hard to believe that there are those who can argue against some of these tweets.

If you, like me, are feeling discouraged by the need for these tweets, and the need to recognize the struggles women STILL face in 2014, my best advice is to soothe with laughter. And not just laughter, but women empowering laughter. Lift the spirits, feel proud of your fellow woman and watch "The Women of SNL." The hour and nineteen minute long special highlights the best female centered sketches of the live comedy show. Everyone character from Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna to Kristin Wiig's Target lady, and every impression from Radner's Babwa Wawa (Barbara Walters) to Tina Fey's iconic Sarah Palin are packed into this hysterical, wonderful show. It's an old special, yes, and there are new women trailblazing paths in comedy on SNL, but it's worth every second. Yay women, and yay for women comedians who make us laugh and empower us.



Week in Review

Finals are out of the way, summer is here and babes, I'm back. After a week of no posts, no updates and no time for anything but finals, I'm starting back up and bringing you my week(s) in review. 

I wish I could say that not much has gone on in the fashion world in the weeks of my hiatus. It would certainly picking and choosing what to share much easier, but alas, that is not the case. With resort shows starting, Cannes underway and new stores opening, there has been so much going on. 

Resort lines have strutted catwalks worldwide

From Chanel in Dubai, to Dior in Brooklyn, Louis Vuitton in Monaco and more, catwalks everywhere have been celebrating warmer weather by debuting their resort and cruise collections. The shows have been star studded, the looks have been luxe and it's all made me long for this cold spell here in Kentucky to get out, JoJo style. It's also made me long for a little more income per year, but that's another matter entirely. 

Now sadly, for resort shows there's not some great catalogue of all collections à la the New York Times runway page, so investigating the looks require only slightly more googling efforts. I highly recommend exploring the Chanel show, it's complete with a new gas can Chanel bag and it's absolutely fabulous. I also want to applaud Nicholas Ghesquière for his fantastic job with Louis Vuitton. The new looks from the historic line are absolutely beautiful, and the star of the red carpet at Cannes this week. Everyone is wearing Louis Vuitton.

One of my favorite looks from the Chanel show. Photo:  Vogue

One of my favorite looks from the Chanel show. Photo: Vogue

One of my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton show. Photo:  Giovanni Giannoni

One of my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton show. Photo: Giovanni Giannoni

Grace Coddington got an Instagram for a day

That's right, friends. Grace Coddington, Vogue creative director, cat lover and nude photograph curator, took a leap into 2014 and started her very own Instagram. Her first post and only? A nude sketch of her, lounging with her fiery red hair splaying every which way and wearing a killer pair of shades. Apparently, however, the filters, the insta-size, the #vscocam just wasn't for her. As of, well, probably five minutes ago, my searches for @therealgracecoddington have been in vain, as Instagram reports that this user no longer exists.

Saint Laurent premieres at Cannes

The much anticipated biopic about designer Yves Saint Laurent finally premiered in Cannes earlier today. The film stars Pierre Niney as the famous designer and follows his story from the beginning of his career in 1958, when he met his lifetime lover Pierre Burge, played by Guillaume Gallienne. From the previews and stills I've seen, this movie seems like it will be overflowing with vintage YSL, infamous Studio 54-style parties and enough fashion and glamour to make my head spin. So far, reviews have been so-so, but being the biased fan that I am, it'll be a five Manolo movie in my heart.

I've been following this movie since pre-production, after snooping through actress Lea Seydoux's IMDB profile. Seydoux plays Loulou de la Falaise, a muse for Laurent during his lifetime. Granted, this movie won't come anywhere near me for a few months, but it's at least out. And because of that, I get an overwhelming amount of press photos and reviews and that's enough for me... for now.

COS opens online American E-Commerce site

COS, H&M's sister store, has finally opened it's world wide webbed door to the States. The retailer is a sleeker, slightly more expensive version of H&M's fast fashion, with styles closer to Zara. Clothes are chic, minimal and effortless. 

This is great news for all of us unable to flock to Opening Ceremony's pop up COS shops, or flock across the pond to visit a flagship store. This is horrible news for girls like me who don't get paid again until June and have to pay rent at a new apartment. I swear, my credit card grabbing, shopping cart adding fingers are shaking with need to purchase some of my favorites from this shop. I'm so excited about this that I even made a gallery of my favorite pieces and shoes on my wish list.

Week in Review

The fashion world has had an array of highs and lows this week. From Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen making a rare appearance on Ellen, to Bling Ring-esque shoplifters getting caught and outted on Tumblr, so much has caught my eye. Here's my wrap of a week in the industry.


Cara Delevingne cast in Peter Pan

It was announced earlier this week that the catwalk queen, known for her onesies, insta-antics and general ruling of the internet, has been cast in the upcoming Joe Wright adaptation of "Peter Pan." Delevingne will take to the seas for her role and become one of the mermaids of Neverland. This will be the second Wright movie the queen has starred in, with Wright casting her in her breakout role in Anna Karenina. Develingne will star alongside actresses such as Rooney Mara and Amanda Seyfried, and actors such as Hugh Jackman and the dreamy Garrett Hedlund. 

This week has been big for Delevingne, with tabloids catching wind of rumors of her and girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez parting ways. For this post, however, I'd prefer to focus on the positive. If you know me, you know that little movie about a boy who flew to Neverland is high on my list of favorite Disney movies. Seeing one of my favorite models star as one of the beautifully bitchy mermaids is going to be nothing short of seeing the second star to the right. With that eye brow game, she's going to do well to make Wendy fly for her money. The movie will be released next year, so start your countdowns.

Delevingne is pictured here closing out the A/W 2014 Chanel show alongside head designer and creative director for the fashion house Karl Lagerfeld. (Photo: Elle Canada)

Delevingne is pictured here closing out the A/W 2014 Chanel show alongside head designer and creative director for the fashion house Karl Lagerfeld. (Photo: Elle Canada)

Designers Dolce and Gabbana jailed for tax evasion

The ruling is out. After being charged with tax evasion, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were given a suspended sentence of 18 months in jail. In total, the design team avoided paying taxes on royalties of roughly 1 billion Euros, or $1.38 million.

The suspended sentence implies the duo may end up serving no time. The sentence was reduced from 20 months. Legal representatives for Dolce and Gabbana continue to deny any wrongdoing from the duo. This is not the first time a luxury brand such as this has fallen under scrutiny from Italian tax authorities. Both Armani and Prada have had to pay out large sums to settle their disputes.

Whether they serve time or not, I'm sure the next line for the fashion duo will feature redesigns of the standard orange jumpsuit. 

Photo: bollybrit

Photo: bollybrit

Grace Coddington opens exhibit of favorite nude photographs

Grace Coddington, the fiery red-headed creative director of fashion bible Vogue, has curated a gallery of her favorite nude photographs over the years for Paddle8, an online auction site. The 35 photo gallery remains on sale until May 16, and features celebs such as Drew Barrymore and Madonna, and photographers such as Bruce Weber and Steven Meisel,  with both of whom Coddington has had a long standing professional relationship.

Vanessa Friedman sat down with the fabulous, feline loving Coddington about the gallery for the Financial Times "Lunch with FT" series. Friedman, the former fashion editor for FT, is taking a new position as fashion director and head fashion critic for the New York Times, replacing fashion giants Suzy Menkes and Cathy Horyn. In her interview, Coddington expressed some of her difficulties with working to not offend photographers by opting for different photos than the ones they had selected.

"...I had very specific pictures in mind. There are a lot of male nudes, which I did not want. But then if I call the photographers back to ask them to change the picture, they get offended, and I don't want to lose all my photographer friends. I’m very worried about it..." she said.

I am a huge, huge fan of Coddington, especially after reading her latest memoir: "Grace." She's an inspiration to all in the industry. Especially for her stance on make-up and cosmetic surgery, contradicting many in a surgery heavy, make-up maven industry. She could probably say jump and I would immediately respond with "how high and in what shoes?"  Seeing her curate any gallery, especially one that requires none of her clothing expertise, is a treasure.

Photo:  The Guardian

In order to honor the copyright policies of FT, a direct link and statement from the publication has been posted below. A link has also been embedded in the article.

"High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/71dd2cf4-ca35-11e3-8a31-00144feabdc0.html#ixzz30oKoE58r

Harrod's opens Pradasphere

Miuccia Prada has worked with the famous London department store to feature a collection of her clothes, shoes and more to be displayed for customers and onlookers for a month on Harrod's fourth floor. 

Photo: Wallpaper

Photo: Wallpaper

Does London have everything now, or is it just me? First, Savage Beauty announces it'll cross the pond, and now there's a whole gallery of Prada on display at Harrod's? Ah, to be a Midwest girl without the ability to book a flight to Europe on a whim. Or book a flight ANYWHERE on a whim, let's be real.

Dazed and Confused, one of my favorite Brit magazines, sent one of their writers to get lost in this world of Prada and fine Italian luxury clothing. The recap was magical and made me long to return to my brief fling with designer bliss on my stroll down 5th Ave over spring break.

This hasn't been the only thing that has caught my Prada eye, though. Promotional photos and commercials have been pouring through my style roll for the new fragrance Prada Candy Florale, faced by the lovely, the wonderful, the incomparable Lea Seydoux. Seydoux was the face of Candy L'eau months ago, sporting straight across bangs and starring in quirky, cute commercials (see below) directed by Wes Anderson, a favorite of mine. This new line of Candy has less of an Anderson-y feel, featuring Seydoux poised in a sea of pink fabric, letting her (faux) long blonde locks flow with naught but a white flower and some killer eye make up. Another fun fact about me, though, dear readers: I love Lea. She's a true French beauty.

Photo: Prada

Photo: Prada

If you liked this commercial collab with Prada and Anderson, check out the short film he did with Jason Schwartzman for the Italian brand.



Knowing fashion, there's no telling what the next week will bring. Enjoy stalking Met Gala pictures and stay classy, fashion fiends. Check back here tomorrow for my recap of the best dresses and suit and ties from Cinco de Met Gala.

Attention fashion fiends: BuzzFeed has a new quiz

Contrary to Uncle Vernon's statement in the first Harry Potter movie, there will be posts here on Sundays. 


As a BuzzFeed quiz aficionado and self-declared fashion fiend, I feel a duty to let my fellows know when a fantastic new BuzzFeed quiz is posted. ESPECIALLY if it's that blue moon of a good quiz posted on a Sunday. 

The quiz takes you through an inquisitive question journey to determine which fashion decade you truly belong to: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mackenziekruvant/which-fashion-decade-do-you-belong-in

Are you a flower child of the 70s? An 80s neon clad maven? Go, take it and share what you got! I got 80s and it could not have been more accurate.


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Week in Review

So much has caught my eye this week in the industry. News that's been a little question worthy, news that's been a little drool worth and so much that has made me want to scream with envy. Since this is my first post of this kind, my news will span a little more than just the past week. 


Alexander McQueen: Envy filled dreams

It was announced earlier this week that Alexander McQueen's groundbreaking and stunning Savage Beauty exhibition will cross the pond and find new home in the Victoria & Albert museum in London. After four years stateside, and a record breaking showing in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, McQueen's beautiful, drool worthy collection will entrance a new audience of fashion fiends.

The collection of gowns and garments in the exhibit span from McQueen's postgraduate collection with Central Saint Martins, to his final presentation before his untimely, tragic passing.

I caught wind of this from an article Dazed and Confused posted on their Facebook page and thought I might scream, first from delight and then from despair and envy. Delight from knowing this exhibit is starting to move and tour. Despair from realizing shortly after that it is only moving further and further away from me. Envy from thinking of all those who either have the cash at hand to splurge on a European plane ticket, or already live in London. McQueen has and always will be a favorite of mine. In life, his lines changed my view of fashion and couture. Seeing his flowing dresses, sharply cut silhouettes and his complete disregard for normalcy entranced and inspired me to be more adventurous with my own style. Posthumously, his line has continued to inspire and continues to not only be a favorite, but a testament to a wonderful man and his contributions to a constantly changing industry.

Spending everything on Alexander Wang

During the first weekend of Coachella, Alexander Wang and team released what might be the most important Instagram video of my year. Using the photo and video sharing social networking service (how millennial), Wang announced he will be debuting a collection with Swedish retailer H&M on Nov. 6 of this year.

I screamed. Screamed. Out loud. In my apartment. By myself. And then started blaring Kanye West's New Slaves. Sorry neighbors. Now I, and all others who can't afford Wang's normal high price tags, can actually spend everything on Alexander Wang. 

What this line will have in store (I'm hysterical, I know) for the public has not been released yet, but knowing Wang, it'll likely incorporate his signature urban-cool style. I'm expecting hints of sportswear, contrasting black and white and lots of leather (sing praises). Maybe, just maybe, I'll get lucky enough to get a top or sweatshirt similar to the Parental Advisory mesh and jersey sweatshirt I've been drooling over since Wang's 2014 S/S show. Or maybe I'm asking too much of the fashion gods. 

Either way, this line is going to go fast. Have your online shopping skills perfected, or find the nearest H&M carrying it asap. 

See an interview the designer did with Women's Wear Daily here: