Best Fashion Moments of Emmy Nominated Shows

Like the immortal NBC Page straight from Kentucky Mountain Bible College so wisely put it,

For all you fellow TV lovers, Netflix bingers and small screen-ophiles (okay I'm done with the bad nicknames), we've reached the preliminary rounds for one of the biggest nights for our beloved shows: the Emmy nominations. While we were all cheering over our favorite nominations, screaming over the harsh snubs (hello academy, Mindy Kaling?) and speculating over just who would take home the gold, another burgeoning thought came to my mind: what and who will they be wearing? Red carpet fashion is just around the corner. Celebrities are just that much closer to donning couture and making us fashion fiends drool with envy.

But while we wait to see who wears Dior, Armani or Chanel... why not look back at some of the best fashion moments of some of the nominees?


I love Girls. Repeat. LOVE. GIRLS. My friends and I are obsessed. Every Sunday, we crowd around laptops and watch the events of the girls and their respective (probably insane) guys unfold. Lena Dunham is the voice of my generation... or maybe a voice of a generation. This comedy-drama HBO series, which follows the lives of a group of 20-somethings, was nominated in two categories: best actress in a comedy series (Lena Dunham) and best supporting actor in a comedy series (Adam Driver).

This show, set in modern day Brooklyn and Manhattan, has the advantage of being set in a time where clothing and hair styles are adaptable from the small screen and able to be a reflection of what you'd see on the streets in Williamsburg. It doesn't have to work around the medieval fashions of Game of Thrones, or the static fashions of Orange is the New Black (It's either khaki or orange, ladies). The show has had it's fair share of fashion moments, ranging from Jessa's see through maxi dress and Shoshanna's odd little buns, pinned sideways on her head.

This season didn't disappoint. Here are some of my favorite fashion moments from Season Three:



Veep, another HBO series, stars the hysterical Julia Louis-Dreyfus as foul-mouthed female vice president Selina Meyer. I have loved JLD since her Seinfeld days as the granny dress rocking, dancing queen Elaine Benes, so when a friend turned me onto Veep, I knew it would be great. The last season was entirely focused on the team trying to get Selina Meyer elected President and entirely focused on the same hilarious quips and insults of last season. Seriously, I wish more people watched the show just to enjoy the laundry list of names given to Jonah. This show is vastly underrated by the general public, but clearly the Emmy's aren't deaf to it's hilarious one liners.

This being a show set in the professional political world, it has less casual freedoms than Girls, but that didn't stop Selina from rocking some great blazers, squeaky Louboutins and accidentally matching her daughter. Here are some of the best moments from last season:

The show was nominated for best comedy series, outstanding sound mixing, outstanding casting and best writing for a comedy series. Julia snagged a nomination for best actress. Anna Chlumsky snagged a best supporting actress nom, Gary Cole for outstanding guest actor and Tony Hale was nominated for best supporting actor, all in a comedy series.

Game of Thrones:

Press play and join me on a journey through Westeros and across the Narrow Sea as we explore the fashions that killed us in a season that made us all swear George RR Martin's name. As any good GoT fan knows, never get safe with characters, story lines... anything. Don't even trust the blades of grass they walk on because somehow, someway George will find a way to kill everyone you love like a literary Rambo. Except with more blood, some incest and probably poison. The season had me on the edge of my seat in more ways than one. The twists and turns made me chew my nails off, while the intricate gowns had me longing for a reason to wear the medieval and Grecian styles featured in the show. I had to limit myself from putting everything in the slide show, but here are some of my favorite Game of Thrones looks *spoilers not included* **click the images for a bigger picture**

The show was nominated for best drama series. Peter Dinklage was nominated for best supporting actor, Lena Headey for best supporting actress and Diana Rigg snagged outstanding guest actress nom for her role as the sassy Lady Olenna Tyrell.

Think another show deserves to be on the list? Leave the name in the comments and I'll add it!