Week in Review

Finals are out of the way, summer is here and babes, I'm back. After a week of no posts, no updates and no time for anything but finals, I'm starting back up and bringing you my week(s) in review. 

I wish I could say that not much has gone on in the fashion world in the weeks of my hiatus. It would certainly picking and choosing what to share much easier, but alas, that is not the case. With resort shows starting, Cannes underway and new stores opening, there has been so much going on. 

Resort lines have strutted catwalks worldwide

From Chanel in Dubai, to Dior in Brooklyn, Louis Vuitton in Monaco and more, catwalks everywhere have been celebrating warmer weather by debuting their resort and cruise collections. The shows have been star studded, the looks have been luxe and it's all made me long for this cold spell here in Kentucky to get out, JoJo style. It's also made me long for a little more income per year, but that's another matter entirely. 

Now sadly, for resort shows there's not some great catalogue of all collections à la the New York Times runway page, so investigating the looks require only slightly more googling efforts. I highly recommend exploring the Chanel show, it's complete with a new gas can Chanel bag and it's absolutely fabulous. I also want to applaud Nicholas Ghesquière for his fantastic job with Louis Vuitton. The new looks from the historic line are absolutely beautiful, and the star of the red carpet at Cannes this week. Everyone is wearing Louis Vuitton.

One of my favorite looks from the Chanel show. Photo:  Vogue

One of my favorite looks from the Chanel show. Photo: Vogue

One of my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton show. Photo:  Giovanni Giannoni

One of my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton show. Photo: Giovanni Giannoni

Grace Coddington got an Instagram for a day

That's right, friends. Grace Coddington, Vogue creative director, cat lover and nude photograph curator, took a leap into 2014 and started her very own Instagram. Her first post and only? A nude sketch of her, lounging with her fiery red hair splaying every which way and wearing a killer pair of shades. Apparently, however, the filters, the insta-size, the #vscocam just wasn't for her. As of, well, probably five minutes ago, my searches for @therealgracecoddington have been in vain, as Instagram reports that this user no longer exists.

Saint Laurent premieres at Cannes

The much anticipated biopic about designer Yves Saint Laurent finally premiered in Cannes earlier today. The film stars Pierre Niney as the famous designer and follows his story from the beginning of his career in 1958, when he met his lifetime lover Pierre Burge, played by Guillaume Gallienne. From the previews and stills I've seen, this movie seems like it will be overflowing with vintage YSL, infamous Studio 54-style parties and enough fashion and glamour to make my head spin. So far, reviews have been so-so, but being the biased fan that I am, it'll be a five Manolo movie in my heart.

I've been following this movie since pre-production, after snooping through actress Lea Seydoux's IMDB profile. Seydoux plays Loulou de la Falaise, a muse for Laurent during his lifetime. Granted, this movie won't come anywhere near me for a few months, but it's at least out. And because of that, I get an overwhelming amount of press photos and reviews and that's enough for me... for now.

COS opens online American E-Commerce site

COS, H&M's sister store, has finally opened it's world wide webbed door to the States. The retailer is a sleeker, slightly more expensive version of H&M's fast fashion, with styles closer to Zara. Clothes are chic, minimal and effortless. 

This is great news for all of us unable to flock to Opening Ceremony's pop up COS shops, or flock across the pond to visit a flagship store. This is horrible news for girls like me who don't get paid again until June and have to pay rent at a new apartment. I swear, my credit card grabbing, shopping cart adding fingers are shaking with need to purchase some of my favorites from this shop. I'm so excited about this that I even made a gallery of my favorite pieces and shoes on my wish list.