~forewarning: this is not about fashion~

Amidst fighting the maze of moving boxes, finding odd things I thought I lost and lugging box after box up and down stairs, I haven't had time to update, or really consider what to wear other than my trusty high waisted shorts and a tank top. However, I have had time to keep up with the recent hashtag trend #YesAllWomen.

After Elliot Rodgers penned a manifesto of misogyny, killing six based on his hatred for women and rejection, women had enough. We had enough. Enough being told we can't show our shoulders in school, while men aren't told to just ignore a harmless shoulder. Enough being called a bitch for not being interested. In true 2014 form, we took to social media. Tumblr and Twitter blew up with posts and tweets supporting women and calling out the misogynistic ways. #YesAllWomen trended and some powerful tweets came in. It's hard to believe that there are those who can argue against some of these tweets.

If you, like me, are feeling discouraged by the need for these tweets, and the need to recognize the struggles women STILL face in 2014, my best advice is to soothe with laughter. And not just laughter, but women empowering laughter. Lift the spirits, feel proud of your fellow woman and watch "The Women of SNL." The hour and nineteen minute long special highlights the best female centered sketches of the live comedy show. Everyone character from Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna to Kristin Wiig's Target lady, and every impression from Radner's Babwa Wawa (Barbara Walters) to Tina Fey's iconic Sarah Palin are packed into this hysterical, wonderful show. It's an old special, yes, and there are new women trailblazing paths in comedy on SNL, but it's worth every second. Yay women, and yay for women comedians who make us laugh and empower us.